Archives of Preventive Medicine Submit Manuscript

    Aims and Scope

    The real aim of Archives of Preventive Medicine is to make a society that has achieved absence of diseases. The Archives of Preventive medicine works with the aim to develop a constructive environment so that scientists, doctors or researchers recognize the risk factors and etiologies of diseases as they relate to lifestyle, and have the skills to implement meaningful behavioral changes in both individuals and groups.

    The manuscripts published in Archives of Preventive medicine also seeks to provide participants with an understanding of important and emerging public health and medical technology issues of concern to preventive medicine professionals and to support the utilization of such technology in preventive medicine practice.

    With the emphasis on issues of public health significance, The Archives of preventive medicine invites manuscripts in a wide range of health promotion and disease prevention issues, including such topics as chronic disease prevention and control, immunizations, sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases, and terrorism and emergency preparedness.

    Disciplines in the Archives of Preventive Medicine

    Authors are suggested to research, write and send manuscripts in following, but not limited to, research disciplines in the field of Preventive Medicine:

    • Behaviour and Behavioural Changes
    • Environmental Health
    • Health Education
    • Health Services Research
    • Individual and Population Disease Risk Factor Screening
    • Prevention of Infectious Disease
    • Prevention of Injury and Violence
    • Primary and Secondary Prevention of Chronic and Acute Disease
    • Promotion of Individual and Community Health
    • Public Health Planning
    • Smoking, Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse
    • Women's Health
    • Injury and violence
    • Sedentary behaviours and physical activity
    • Nutrition
    • Diabetes
    • Obesity
    • Drug abuse
    • Diabetes
    • Obesity
    • Drug abuse